Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Photos

Daughter Anne Marie at her baby shower! So Cute. She's due in December. Nana is very excited!
Anne Marie's friend, Nicole, made this adorable diaper cake.
Papa carved pumpkins for Casey, Julie and Riley.

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NanaNor's said...

Hi Katherine, I'm so glad you stopped by my place to visit because now I've found you. It would seem we have much in common-being a nana and also quilter and who know what else.
What lovely pictures-my next grandbaby is due at the end of the month-she will make number 8 and my youngest daughter is due in April. So far we have two boys and 5 girls-my youngest is hoping for a boy since she has 3 girls.
Blessings to you-I look forward to getting to know you.